HUBBA FELLOWSHIP Pre-Accelerator Program Hot 2017

Introducing HUBBA Fellowship, the first pre-accelerator program from HUBBA is rocking! In association with DISCOVERY HUBBA and Tigersmekong, selected teams in this first batch will undergo a full program to boost their startup, so it will be ready to fly high in the startup universe!


There are two major reasons early stage startups fail:

(1) They don’t conduct basic market validation of their ideas.

(2) They invest a lot of time, energy, and money in building a product without any user data.


‘HUBBA’ is launching a new program with supporting of Tigers@mekong’ and our community partner Discovery HUBBA’ to help prevent startups from making these common mistakes. This beta version of the Pre-Accelerator Workshop is a four week program focused on Market Validation, Minimum Viable Product Development, and Immediate Product Launch.  After this initial four week beta program, subsequent programs will be expanded to eight weeks.


Over a few short weeks entrepreneurs will conduct research, generate hypotheses, develop a Minimum Viable Product, acquire early users, launch their product and collect valuable data to determine if they should continue to build on their ideas.


During the program participants will:


  1. Engage in four weeks of workshops and office hours culminating in 10 product launches/V2 launches.
  2. Learn how to conduct rigorous and honest market validation of their ideas.
  3. Learn how to focus on rapidly building Minimum Viable Products that provide data and insight into the potential of their ideas.
  4. Have a chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors for evaluation and recommendations on whether or not the investors see potential for moving forward with seed investment or an accelerator program.
  5. Have access to the HUBBA Coworking space at Ekkamai (available to two members of each team)


Ten selected startups will have a chance to participate in the program.  


  1. Each team should have a functional and live MVP, technical or nontechnical.
  2. Each team will create a presentation deck to summarize their findings/progress.
  3. Each team will complete an exit interview about their experience.


The program will be free for startups which are selected to join.  The selected teams will be announced on 16 Jan 2016


Program agenda:


Thursday Jan 19, 2017 7pm-8.30 pm at HUBBA Ekkamai


Wednesday Jan 25, 2017 1pm-3pm at Discovery HUBBA



Thursday Jan 26, 2017 1pm-4pm at Discovery HUBBA


Day3 : MVP Development

Wednesday Feb 1,2017 1pm-4pm at Discovery HUBBA



Thursday Feb 2,2017 1pm-3pm at Discovery HUBBA



Wednesday Feb 8,2017 1pm-3pm at Discovery HUBBA



Thursday Feb 9,2017 1pm-3pm at Discovery HUBBA


LAUNCH PRODUCT on Monday Feb 13, 2017



Thursday Feb 16,2017 1pm-4pm



Wednesday Feb 22,2017


For more info please contact:


   Tel.: 0967733080

For other teams who missed this round, stay tuned for the next batch!